St Albans Food & Drink Festival

St Albans Food & Drink Festival

The St Albans Food & Drink Festival is almost upon us!

Do you live in or around St Albans or are you looking for a fun family event? Then why not take a look at the St Albans Food & Drink Festival! This begins on 30 September and runs until 8 October. This will give you the opportunity to sample the best cuisine in the area and interact with local businesses. To find out more about the festival and other upcoming nearby events, click here.

Our team will be working with the event’s sponsor SA Law, who have recently released the fourth volume of their Food for Thought cookbook. This contains a wide range of truly scrumptious recipes from all around the world. It also contains a very useful oven temperature guide and essential. and essential ingredients for these recipes. perfect option for those looking to try out international recipes in their homes.

Why not come along, try lots of different and exciting food. Say hello to our team and let us know what you think of the  Food for Thought Cookbook on Sunday 30th September? We’ll be giving away some free samples so be sure to come and get yours!

Did you know we can also provide staff to help you run your events? For further details about previous events, give us a call on 01727 223307 or fill in our Contact Us form here.

Golf Sixes Staff with Matt Wallace

The Team at Golf Sixes with Matt Wallace


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