Looking to give some Christmas Cheer with a Corporate Gift

Looking to give some Christmas Cheer with a Corporate Gift

Will the product be used by your customer? Think of your customer base and choose a gift that will be used regularly by your client so you stay front of mind.

Will your client be happy to receive product? If the answer is no then go back to the drawing board. Ideally you want a product that will stay on someone’s desk or in their handbag/jacket throughout the year. For example, if sending a gift to school, look for something that will be useful to the students/teachers…calculators, pencil sets, highlighters, sports bottles etc.

Is it easy to print your logo? Select items that have a large print area, or perhaps allow you to print up to full colour print. If your product allows you to print close to your brand guidelines then customers will associate the product with your company.

Will the product last the test of time?Nobody likes a pen that stops working after two days or a phone charger that stops charging after a week. If you spend cheaply then you can pay twice, so look for quality products that will portray your brand or company in a favourable light.

Is the product innovative?Choose a product that your customers are unlikely to have. Why choose a pen if they have 10 already? Be open to new ideas, or ask a merchandise company to tell you what is ‘hot’ at the moment. For instance, a power charger(www.powerchargers.co.uk) can charge multiple electronic devices and may be something your customers do not have. An innovative promotion can be remembered for months or even years to come.

Looking for inspiration? Talk to All In One Merchandise team on 01727 223310 for more ideas.

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